Delegate Joshua Cole Requests State Funding for Brooke Road

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia — In response to the frequent flooding crisis on Brooke Road in Stafford County, Delegate Joshua Cole recently submitted a budget amendment to secure state funding to solve the problem.

“It is unacceptable to me that residents here have had to lose precious time and money shifting their routines, risking their lives and seeing their property values decrease due to flood damage. It’s a lot to bear, and no one deserves to be experiencing this,” said Delegate Cole. “Floods threaten both human life and property value. Finding relief to this issue is a top priority of mine. That’s why I’ve submitted this budget amendment.”

Amendment Item 477 #2h will provide funds so that state and local authorities can begin fixing the road, which has endured intense flooding in recent years. More than once in recent times, the flooded roadway has prompted emergency rescue missions.

Delegate Cole applauds residents like Bill Hoyt who have worked with other residents to offer assistance to the community when the area floods. However, the Delegate also believes community members should not be the ones responsible for fixing infrastructure problems.

“We urgently need to prepare for a world where infrastructure is under constant threats. Flooding is becoming increasingly normal as climate change affects once predictable weather patterns. I am hopeful that localities in the district can work together moving forward and plan sustainable projects that ensure our infrastructure will remain safe and usable regardless of climate change and natural disasters,” explained Cole.

The budget amendment is expected to be heard and potentially voted on before the end of this week.