Count me in too.

Chip in to power the movement


Count me in too.

Chip in to power the movement

We're Back and We're Still Fighting

Joshua is fighting for a Virginia that puts people first, not corporations or a handful of wealthy donors. It's clear Virginians are suffering under the status quo. Virginia boosts it's "open for business," but Oxfam ranked our commonwealth the least pro-worker state in the Union! Enough is enough. It's time to put the 'common' back in Commonwealth.

Joshua Cole is leading the charge for a progressive future for the people of Fredericksburg and Stafford.  We are steadfast in our belief that all Virginians, no matter their ZIP code, skin color, or gender, deserve a quality standard of living. In a nation that preaches liberty and equality, we see mass-poverty and suffering. Only through economic and social justice will we achieve true freedom and equality.

We cannot stand idly by while Virginians suffer. All people deserve healthcare, public education, fair treatment under the law, and a good, well-paying job. No other campaign in the district can deliver, or wants, this for all people.

Our campaign is not a puppet of big money— to challenge machine we cannot accept its norms. We are proud to be a people funded campaign that relies on donations from everyday working-class people.


I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me (Acts 4:36).

I'm a preacher; I know the Bible. It taught me to love thy neighbor, not hate him.

We live under a morally corrupt government. Those who claim divine inspiration in politics so often use their divine right to crush the weak and hurt the poor. No longer. I preach for the people I bring a message of liberation, not damnation.

Politicians often serve money, but my loyalties lay with the people. Our future depends on putting the people above profit. For the sake our state, our nation, our world join our fight.

Full platform and policies coming soon.

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