Delegate Joshua Cole Receives First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

FREDERICKSBURG, Virginia — Delegate Joshua Cole received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this morning in Fredericksburg.

“The light is at the end of the tunnel.We will make it through this, but we need to continue taking proper precautions until a vast majority of Americans have been vaccinated,” said Cole.

According to the Virginia Department of Health, Cole is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Phase 1b because he is an “official needed to maintain continuity of government.”

“I am hopeful that tens of thousands more Virginians will be protected from this deadly virus with each passing day.We are all ready for this nightmare to be over.”

Despite getting his first dose of the vaccine, Cole will continue to take extreme precautionary measures to protect himself, his loved ones and his community.

“The vaccine protects me from catching the virus, but it doesn’t mean I cannot spread it to others. I will continue to adhere to social distancing standards, wear a mask around others and wash my hands frequently,” Cole explained.

For more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, including when you can get yours, please visit the Virginia Department of Health’s COVID-19 Vaccination Response page.