Josh On The Issues

Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

Until we pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), it is still remains legal to discriminate against Virginians on the basis of one’s gender. I refuse to stand idle while women continue to be treated as second class citizens across the Commonwealth. I believe that all … Continue Reading ›

Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Every year, conservatives in Richmond work tirelessly to deny citizens across the Commonwealth their reproductive liberty and body autonomy. I will work to… Continue Reading ›

Economic Justice

A living wage is about more than a paycheck, it’s about investing in our communities and our people. Yet our leaders in the General Assembly can’t be bothered to pass… Continue Reading ›


For over two decades, I’ve been fortunate enough to call the 28th District my home. But as I look around today, I see more and more families expressing … Continue Reading ›


Delegate Cole’s top education policy goals are to increase teacher pay, work to make sure that diverse students are recruited to be educators and fully fund SOQs. Investing in education is investing in our future… Continue Reading ›

Criminal Justice

During his time in the legislature, Delegate Cole has supported criminal justice reform measures to foster trust between local law enforcement and their communities… Continue Reading ›


Delegate Cole believes that healthcare is a human right and that Virginians should have access to quality health care they can afford. That’s why he supports removing work requirements tacked onto Medicaid expansion and capping the costs of life saving medications… Continue Reading ›


Delegate Cole recognizes that transportation challenges in our Commonwealth uniquely impact the citizens of HD-28. That’s why he supports the creation of regional transportation authorities and the boosting of the public transportation budget in HD-28… Continue Reading ›


Delegate Cole supports a number of approaches to the climate crisis, including investing in renewable and efficient energy sources, enforcing a fossil fuel moratorium in Virginia, and creating high-paying jobs in the clean energy field… Continue Reading ›

Campaign Finance Reform

We believe that our government works best when power rests in the hands of the people, not corporate special interests… Continue Reading ›

Small Business

Delegate Cole believes that small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy and has fought to keep Virginia the best state for business in the country… Continue Reading ›