Josh on: Transportation

If you’re a Virginian with a driver’s license, then I don’t have to tell you about how our infrastructure can’t handle the Virginia of today, let alone the Virginia of tomorrow.

One of the worst commutes in America, in terms of traffic, is along the I-95 corridor from Fredericksburg to Washington, DC. But you already knew that. With so many of our residents heading up and down 95 each and every week, we need a delegate who will actually put forward the legislation to end this traffic nightmare, not just talk about the issue. We need solutions that will rebuild our roads and improve our public transportation options, not rhetoric that leaves us stuck in the same old gridlock. That is why I am proposing the creation of a Regional Transportation Authority which will generate funding for local infrastructure & transportation projects such as the implementation of light-rail across the district and beyond.

Through expanding access to rural broadband and incentivizing telework options for local businesses, we can work to keep more cars off the road at peak hours and ensure that parents can spend more quality time with their families instead of sitting in traffic.

As your delegate, I’ll get gridlock out of the House of Delegates, and off of our streets and roads.