Josh on: Transportation

Delegate Cole recognizes that transportation challenges in our Commonwealth uniquely impact the citizens of HD-28. That’s why he supports the creation of regional transportation authorities and the boosting of the public transportation budget in HD-28, so that everyone in our community can safely get to where they need to be. Delegate Cole has also advocated for the end of construction during the daytime on I-95 and other major highways to ease congestion. Delegate Cole is also committed to making transportation safer and more equitable for Virginians and has advocated for the creation of new transportation safety programs, including making it illegal to possess an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, requiring all passengers in a vehicle to wear safety belts, and prohibiting the use of handheld personal communication devices. During his first term, Delegate Cole helped establish a two year study by the Department of Rail and Public Transportation on transit modernization and equity to ensure services and opportunities are available to underserved communities. Recently, he championed a bill to rename a section of U.S. Route 1 that is called “Jefferson Davis Highway” to “Emancipation Highway,” to help remedy continued racial injustice in the Commonwealth.