Healthcare For All

Lets make this clear: healthcare is a human right, not a privilege. Last year we pushed through Medicaid expansion, but Republicans tacked on work-requirements. Now, we’ve got a job to finish: repeal the requirements and pass Medicaid-for-All so every Virginian can see a doctor.

Fix Our Broken Transportation System

If you’ve ever driven on I-95, I don’t need to explain. Our area remains the worst traffic hotspot in the U.S and shows no sign of letting up. We need a delegate who will actually put forward the legislation to end this traffic nightmare, not just talk about the issue.

Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment

Until we ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), it is still legal to discriminate against a person because of their sex. That must end. All people are equal, regardless of their sex or gender identity. Our opponent has been fighting against the ERA and voted against a measure that could have lead to the passing of the bill. We will make it a priority once elected. We only need one more state to ratify the ERA, let’s make it Virginia.

Protect Reproductive Freedom

Every year, conservatives in Richmond try to strip Virginians of their reproductive liberties. We can’t infringe on bodily autonomy. We must block any attempt to criminalize abortion, silence victims of assault, or restrict birth control and repeal existing laws limiting freedoms.

LGBTQ Equality

Far too long has the LGBTQ community been marginalized and discriminated against. We will fight for equality for the LGBTQ community and remain committed to ending bullying and violence in their communities. It’s unacceptable that members of the LGBTQ community can still be refused service at a store or restaurant and be evicted from their homes. This fight is not over and I will continue to support any legislation that supports equality for the LGBTQ community

A $15/HR Living Wage

Virginians are struggling under the current system. Today we’re working harder and longer hours and a $7.25 minimum wage is not cutting it. Meanwhile, the top 10% make 237 times more than the poorest 10%. We need to protect unions, reach equal pay, and raise our wages.

Make Housing Affordable For All

Eviction rates across the district are far above the national average. In 2016, landlords evicted 1 out of 27 residents in Fredericksburg. When an unexpected car repair can mean destitution, we need a change. Our next delegate must fight for rent control and to end homelessness.

No More Rigged Elections

If the 2017 elections taught us anything, it’s that gerrymandering and split-precinct voting makes elections unfair and undemocratic. Let’s end these confusing, rigged elections. We need third-party redistricting, automatic voter registration, and no-split precincts.

Stop Mass Shootings and Gun Violence

In 2017 alone, 346 mass shootings occurred in the US. We can no longer entertain a debate over whether or not guns are the real problem because the truth is obvious. We need a delegate who will keep weapons from dangerous individuals and keep our schools and public spaces safe

End For-Profit Mass Incarceration

Our criminal justice system desperately needs reform. The failed “War on Drugs” caused levels of incarceration unseen in our history, with imprisonment disproportionately affecting Blacks and Latinos. We must reform our law enforcement, end monetary bail, and legalize cannabis.

Campaign Finance

Our campaign is not a puppet of big money— to challenge the machine we cannot accept its norms. We are proud to be a people-funded campaign that relies on donations from everyday working-class citizens. We do not accept corporate PAC contributions or corporate lobbyist contributions. Politicians often serve money, but our loyalties lie with the people. Our future depends on putting people above profit. For the sake of our state, our nation, our world,we invite you to join our fight.