Where I Stand

Initially we ran because a 30-year incumbent was not being challenged. We ran because our education system needed to be updated and reformed, the Medicaid expansion was paramount and those living in our area needed higher paying wages. We ran in 2017 and lost by just 73 votes, which indicated to us our message resounded.

While our new General Assembly made strides these past two years on education, gun safety and economic development, many of our democratic bills were crushed in committee due to the GOP’s two seat lead over us. In November this year we believe we can completely flip the VA House and Senate and create a Democratic trifecta and finally pass much needed legislation that will move the commonwealth into a more inclusive and equitable place to live and work.

Our campaign is not a puppet of big money— to challenge the machine we cannot accept its norms. We are proud to be a people-funded campaign that relies on donations from everyday working-class citizens. We do not accept corporate PAC contributions or corporate lobbyist contributions.

Politicians often serve money, but our loyalties lie with the people. Our future depends on putting people above profit. For the sake of our state, our nation, our world,we invite you to join our fight.