Josh on: Health Care

Passing Medicaid expansion was a huge win for Virginians, and long overdue. But with Republicans tacking on work requirements, the access to healthcare we should all have is being curtailed by those looking to play politics with our lives. Now, we’ve got a job to finish: repeal the requirements and pass Medicaid-for-All so every Virginian can see a doctor. No one should ever have to choose between spending money on medication or spending it on groceries. Virginia can, and must, do better.

But improving our healthcare system should not end there. In a state with such a large active and retired military population, especially here in the 28th district, it’s essential that we dedicate more time and resources to improving the systems we have in place to care for our veterans. Long wait times, uncovered care, and unkempt facilities are not how we show our respect for those who have given so much for all of us.