Josh on: Education

Delegate Cole’s top education policy goals are to increase teacher pay, work to make sure that diverse students are recruited to be educators and fully fund SOQs. Investing in education is investing in our future, and Delegate Cole believes that students across our Commonwealth—no matter where they live, their race, ethnicity or socioeconomic background—have the tools and resources they need to get ahead. Eliminating disparities in education is one of the biggest challenges we are facing today, but the change starts by providing our schools with fair and equal funding, so that no child gets left behind. Further, Delegate Cole understands the impact of early childhood education, and as a former student of Stafford County schools, he’s seen the need for improvement in our community’s school system. That’s why he supports universal preschool for all of the children in Virginia. Finally, ending the playground-to-prison pipeline is a top legislative priority for the Delegate. We must stop punishing children for being children. Delegate Cole will fight to keep our children in classrooms and on a path to success.