Josh on: Economic Justice

A living wage is about more than a paycheck, it’s about investing in our communities and our people. Yet our leaders in the General Assembly can’t be bothered to pass legislation that raises Virginia’s minimum wage from $7.25/hour. And, as I hear from my neighbors each and every week, this just isn’t cutting it anymore. Not when you need $65,000 a year to maintain a one bedroom apartment in Fredericksburg, not when the top 1% of Virginians make 17.7 times more than the bottom 99% (according to the Economic Policy Institute), and not when Stafford County is the #6 wealthiest county in America. We can do better, and as your delegate, I will do better.

As the son of a single mother, I saw firsthand what it takes to hold down a job in our state, and the hardworking spirit of Virginians. In the Capitol, I’ll fight for the men and women of the 28th District putting in an honest day’s work, day in and day out.